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18700 N. 64th Dr., Suite 301, Glendale, AZ 85308(602) 883-3700 • Same Day Appointments Available

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Dr. Christine Harter

A 1985 graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Harter practiced internal medicine for 15 years in Baltimore before moving to the Valley in 2000 to practice headache medicine. She is board certified in internal medicine and became one of only two physicians in Arizona to pass the first national board exam in headache medicine in 2006. She brings a holistic approach to headache treatment, addressing diet and other lifestyle factors before proceeding to medications. Her emphasis is always on prevention. Dr. Harter has administered Botox with great success to hundreds of headache patients from all over Arizona since 2004. She has experienced migraines personally, creating a passion for helping headache patients regain control of their lives.

Dr. Harter continues to practice all aspects of primary care internal medicine as she has done since 1985, in addition to her special interest in headache medicine.

  • MD, Johns Hopkins, 1985
  • Board Certified, Internal Medicine
  • Certified Headache Specialist
  • Certified with the United Council of Neurologic Sub-Specialties

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18700 N. 64th Dr., Suite 301, Glendale, AZ 85308